Ivan&Lada in BIP Castle

Stylish wedding at the best venue in the city.

There is in Saint Petersburg beautiful Place – BIP Castle. It was built on the orders of Paul I for only 6,100 rubles and was restored a few years ago to an excellent boutique hotel consisting of 23 rooms. What I like most of all in the Castle – is the light. The building designed with a very good natural light. Even in gloomy weather here is light enougt. And it is the one and only place in Russia where castle style wedding is possible. For making romantic atmosphere at the ceremony, we should make hotel`s main hall darker. It turned out to be beautifull, or, like my college tells: “f***ing awesome”

Organization: Wedding Boutique Vernissage

MC Yury Blinov and Aleksei Vasiliev

MUAH Maria Belodedova

Photo: Andrew Nastasenko, Dmitry Markov, Natasha Sudareva

Дата и место

30 May 2018

By Andrey Nastasenko