Stylish, beautiful people in love, warm family relationships and all these in one of the most wonderful places in Italy. I had been waiting for this wedding for a long time, almost 9 months, and it was worth it!

The day before we worked at the wedding in Rome till 2 a.m., the day before these we started to celebrate my birthday and continue at the next wedding on the Como Lake.

This is the wedding photographer’s morning how it should be: you come to shoot Bride`s morning, and you are offered to swim in the pool before work. Then you shoot the gorgeous couple in love in adorable place. This is the way, how wedding photographer’s routine should be. At least sometimes. The way the couple organized everything – is the way, I would like to have. Of course, there were some difficult moments, but it doesn’t matter. But in general everything turned out to be top-notch.

The week later I was shooting their second wedding in Nizhniy Novgorod and two weeks later – the love story in Paris.

In 2014 the couple opened the wedding agency “White House” in Nizhny Novgorod. They make the best weddings in this City, sometimes I came to work to them.

Дата и место

30 May 2018

By Andrey Nastasenko